In our discussions with many of you at conferences and at pitch events, we have found that many of you really want to understand more about NFTs but are confused. The typical questions we are hearing are :

– What exactly are NFTs?

– Why should I care about NFTs ?

– What am I actually buying when I buy an NFT?

– I know one of the Indigenous artists – can I buy one of their pieces ?and

– How do I go about buying a Walking Between Worlds NFT in practice.  

We have listened to your queries and questions. We have carefully crafted an introductory guide on buying your first NFT with Walking Between Worlds – all in Plain English.

We are delighted to share this with you to help you on your journey into the sometimes confusing worlds of cryptocurrencies & NFTs, helping you to buy your first historic NFT with Walking Between Worlds.

The guide is broken down into bite-sized chunks with a full Table of Contents so you can access the information that you specifically need. If you are completely new to NFTs we would strongly recommend you start from the very beginning and work your way progressively through the guide.   

So, sit back, grab a cup of tea, a beer or glass of wine and enjoy your journey of discovery. Once you discover the power of NFTs and understand how they will bring about dramatic change you will never look back !! 

We’d love any feedback from you so please do not hesitate to get in touch using the form below.        

Feedback for the Walking Between Worlds Introductory Guide

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