What is Pre-minting ?

Pre-minting is where you can mint our Genesis Collection before the Public Mint Date. What this means for you is that you can choose the time during the pre-mint period so as to minimise the gas fees that you will have to pay. The pre-mint options also give you the opportunity to generate discounts that vary according to which option you take. The public mint price is set at 0.099 ETH + gas whereas the standard pre-mint price is 0.089 ETH + gas generating c10% discount on the public mint price. If you really want to get behind the project you can join our invite-only VIP list. As a VIP you can buy 16 pieces for 1 ETH (the equivalent of 0.0625 + gas per piece). This represents a 30% discount but is only available to 25 people, Check out our mint page for further details.       

Has your smart contract been audited?

Yes our smart contract has been audited by a leading smart contract audit firm enebula solutions that has carried out over 200 smart contract reviews and audits in the past 6 months. The report is available to view in the minting menu    

What rights do I have with the images I buy?

You will have the rights for reasonable personal usage of the pieces you buy. For example, if you wanted to print the piece and frame it and hang it on your wall or have the piece printed on a T shirt that is okay but you do not have the rights to commercially exploit the images – for example (but not limited to) you do not have the rights to printing and selling multiple T-shirts or prints commercially. If you wish to exploit commercial opportunities we are always happy to discuss the opportunities with you. NB Because some of the art contains elements that may have some cultural sensitivity material, permission will always have to be sought from the artist themselves who created the pieces to fully understand how you propose to use the pieces to ensure their usage is appropriate. You can contact us here  

What blockchain are you using?

Very similar to the majority of generative projects, we are using the Ethereum blockchain. 

How are you dealing with the environmental impacts of selling the Genesis Collection NFTs ?

We are allocating 2.5% of the gross profits of the initial sales proceeds to carbon offset. 

This is your Genesis Collection - how many more do you have in the future?

The Genesis Collection is the first of 3 collections. Future collections will have additional artists including the possibility of some international Indigenous artists – we are in discussions with a number of different Indigenous communities globally. To stay in touch with what we are doing why not join our discord community. You can do that here.   

Do you have a roadmap ?

Yes we do. Our long-term vision is to energise global Indigenous communities across the globe – using our experience of working with the oldest living civilisation on the planet here in Australia – the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island community – to develop a playbook for other Indigenous communities globally. You can check out our roadmap at the foot of our home page or our litepaper 

When Is The Reveal?

The reveal of the Genesis Collection will happen after the Public Mint. Given the time it takes for the metadata to be updated on OpenSea we expect this to be at worst Wednesday March 2. We are hoping to be ahead of this deadline and will provide any updates in our Discord Channel which you can join here