Bibi Barba

Passionate to advocate for Justice and Human Rights for Australian Indigenous Peoples. My work has consisted of
working with Artists and Designers National Stakeholders as I am an artist myself studying Law at University of Technology Sydney (UTS) where I am aspiring to empower myself and educate everyone on national and international levels about the rights for Australian Indigenous artists and the invaluable wealth of our traditional knowledge.

I believe this is an important part of moving towards a better future for Australia as there is lack of education around Indigenous Cultural Intellectual Property (ICIP).

Working as a professional artist for decades and then the Artists In The Black National Co-Ordinator for Arts Law of
Australia has exposed me to the constant misuse of cultural protocols and misappropriations of Australian Indigenous
Culture and practices.

My aim is to help push for more legal protection and the severity of the misuse and exploitation of Australian Indigenous Peoples ancient traditions.


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